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So if you went to Santorini you’d be able to see the historic sights and the weather would be pleasant, but it might not be the scene you were hoping for at that time of year. -Roger. Mostly people book near the beach because they want to be near the beach, so finding a home base for day trips is a little tricky. Rome : 2 nights The winter weather in London and Paris will be chilly, but it’s rarely below freezing or snowy, and most of the attractions are indoors anyway. If I must I can take my pack everywhere with me, but was hoping to take a smaller pack/bag for day trips. I’m not a good source for clothing suggestions, but you can find that on many other websites. What are your thoughts? Day 2,3 Rome Perhaps less nights in Rome and more nights in either Sorrento or Florence? You can easily spend a day in Rothenburg ob der Tauber and also Neuschwanstein Castle. It never hurts to learn how to say hello and thank you in the language of the country you are visiting, but really it’s easy to do it only speaking English the whole time, even in Paris. 3 nights Florence The train tickets within Italy will average maybe €20 to €30 if you buy them in advance. You’ll be moving pretty quickly and seeing a lot, so after 14 days of that you’ll be tired of sightseeing and such. If you do you might want to stop there for a day or two just to get the feel of it. In Paris it’s Charles de Gaulle that has most of the international flights and the major airlines, but Orly Airport (which is a bit closer to central Paris) has more of the low cost flights within Europe. The rest of Spain also is more reasonably priced, so it’ll be a pretty cheap trip when you get there. Your uggestions is pretty needed for this trip. I am in the process of planning my honeymoon and wanted to run through some ideas. Regards, Jennifer. -Roger. The only tricky thing is that Paris and Rome each have two major airports, and the cheaper flights often use the smaller ones. As mentioned in the article above, I recommend 3 or 4 nights for Paris, 1 or 2 nights for Venice, 2 or 3 nights for Florence, and 3 nights for Rome. I’ll be happy to try to help. Boston, What clothes to bring? Antalya, -Roger. This is the Itinerary which I planned but am not too sure .. Having driving around Nice, I do agree, it is very expensive to pay for parking and that’s if you can find a place to park. I don’t think you can get advanced tickets. That’s very nice of you to say and I’ll be happy to try to help you plan. If you did go I think you’d need at least 3 days. Then we’ll have to decide where to go in Italy; considering the Riviera in the north, Venice, and not sure where else, but we don’t want to be too rushed. Nice is the best base in the south of France any other month of the year because it has good connections and plenty of reasonably priced hotels, but in those months it will be crowded and hotel rates will be at their peak. Also, Venice is unbelievably crowded (it might remind you of cities in India) during the middle of every day with people on bus tours coming in for the day, so it’s best to focus some of your time in the morning and evening, when it’s mostly empty. Kindly help to suggest a good itinerary. And yes, if you want to see the Swiss Alps then Interlaken is definitely the place to go. With only 2 or 3 nights I agree that spending time in Nice itself is wise (it’s a major highlight and the best transportation hub), and half a day in Cannes and half a day in Monaco are the two best day trips (each 20 minutes away by train). Day 14 – Fly to Siciliy I think i have finalised the travel plans. Your challenge will be that 7 days is quite a short time for those three places, and they are all spread out a bit. Scotland is definitely a good choice, especially in summer, but it will remind you a lot of England so you won’t be getting too much contrast. Day 13 Travel to London Japan Salzburg is a short train ride from Munich, and you’ll also enjoy the small village of Hallstatt. The fastest one takes a bit over 3 hours these days and it requires a seat reservation for rail pass holders. The thing is, I will be flying in and out of Paris. -Monaco I guess the other option would be to head straight from Nice to Lugano to return the car, then take some trains to see the things we’re keen on in Italy. Boy am i glad to find your page! Many of them stay in hotels nearby on the mainland, while many others just come in for the day on part of a bus tour. -Roger. We are flying in and out of Paris (CDG). So it looks more possible. -Roger. Lake Como will also be at peak crowding in August, but it’s a pretty large area and if you book early you should find something nice at a decent price. Hi sorry the reply botton wasnt working up , so putting a separate comment : Roger will the above mentioned itenary work if I have my tickets already booked in and out of Paris from 7th March to 19th March from India, Yes, that should work well. Florence (2 days, stop by Pisa) Leave from Interlaken to Speiz-Milan-Genoa Thanks That is part of the flooding season in Venice, so it might not be ideal. May 27-30 Rome I’ve been to Europe in 2011, I’ve been to Frankfurt, Paris, Belgium and Amsterdam. That leaves two full days in each city to wake up and see and do as much as you can, and spend most of that third day traveling again. Have a great trip and let me know if you have other questions. Venice 1 Night I don’t personally have experience with this sort of visit, but most travel pros seem to think this is the ideal way to see more rural parts of France as well as Italy. -Bologna the capital of Emilia-Romagna region? It looks like you have planned very well so far. Luxembourg City If you’ve got 3 nights in Paris and 2 nights in Florence, and you can add one night to one of those by skipping Milan, you can’t go wrong either way. If you book early you can get cheap flights from there to Italy (save Nice for a future trip when it’s warmer). Been to Paris, been to Barcelona, been to Florence – but not Rome or anywhere along Mediterranean. Me and my friends are planning to Travel France and Italy for 7 days .We are 4 people, and would like to cover Paris, Venice and Amalfi as main destinations . Two couples traveling from Atlanta to Paris for 10 days. Thanks. If you can take a little tour and see the archeology museum, and perhaps make it to Pompeii as well, it will be a great day. Let me know if you have any other questions. We have total of 18 nights… we will reach the rome airport then transfer to the santorini and when we back we starts from the rome. Thank you. Train to Venice for 2 nights. Maldives The earlier you book, the cheaper the fares will be. We cannot adjust our holiday leave that’s why we are on a tight schedule. Also, I am often asked about “minimum number of nights” in each city to at least see the main highlights, and a few of your stops fall short of my minimum recommendations. Your itinerary looks excellent and very well thought out. They haven’t changed much over the years. Train from Paris to ? La Paz The only blockbuster sight in Siena is the dramatic town square, and the Leaning Tower might actually be more memorable. The lake itself is a big disappointment, and the Loch Ness museum attractions are terrible. Anyway, I would to ask you for suggestions. Also, I assume you need to go through La Spezia via train to get to Cinque Terre? Particularly for the shorter train trips within Italy, they are quite cheap, and especially if you buy in advance. Any out of the beaten track i should visit? But there are nice-looking lakes in almost every European country. Let me know if you have any questions. We are planning a trip for 14 days to both these countries and the places we plan to visit are: – 3 nights in Rome Here is the current plan: August 2nd (ar in Paris 7AM) to August 17th (dep Rome 10:50AM): A Eurail Pass is best for longer trips where you want to make plans as you go. Where else should I stay? So with that in mind, it sounds like you have a specific reason for visiting, which is great. Regardless of your starting point, you can go to the Pisa Centrale train station and walk about 25 minutes to the Leaning Tower area, or take a train to the Pisa San Rossore train station and 7 minutes to the Field of Miracles. I think this will work well or if you change a thing or two it could work even better. Spend 2 nights in Venice, which is plenty of time to see everything there. In Paris my favorite hotel neighborhood is Rue Cler, which is right next to the Eiffel Tower park. I am currently planning my trip for June-July 2015 My boyfriend and I will be going to Italy for about 30 days (28 nights) We are in our 20s (under 26) ready to explore italy. Santa Margherita Ligure is only 54 minutes from Vernazza (the most famous Cinque Terre town) by train, and really the train ride through that area is a big part of the appeal of going there. As for your luggage, obviously you can leave whatever you want in a hotel or apartment while you are renting the place. I’ll list my potential itinerary below, if you have any advice/feedback that would be much appreciated. -Roger. 2. So even though November is one of the rainier months in Italy, it’s still fairly dry by most standards. Have a great time. 3.Genoa (1 night)-this seemed to be a midpoint As you might have seen, I highly recommend 3 nights in almost any place you go, which I think is the sweet spot between traveling quickly and staying long enough to see the highlights. Once you have your basic plan down I can help with some of the details if needed. -Roger. There’s also the island of Capri with its Blue Grotto, not to mention that Sorrento is a really lovely place where most people speak English. Antigua, Honduras Thanks so much. Some friends recommend Nice to Rome. Positano and Amalfi are the largest of the towns, and they are very popular for their more traditional look and local feel. I would highly recommend getting his current France guidebook (paper or digital) and scanning the appropriate chapters for advice. And the second best place would be Inverness, which is the gateway to the Scottish Highlands. We’ll likely never be back in that part of the world, so I’m happy to go there if it’s worth seeing, but we’re not likely to enjoy going into museums, galleries, etc. Or should we skip Milan/Lake Como and go from Nice to Cinque Terra -> Pisa -> Florence up to Verona -> Venice -> then go down the East Coast to Rome or Almafi Coast ending in Rome? After the match, Zidane was given the Golden Ball award as the tournament's best player. I’m happy to help you plan this trip, although I think you need more time or fewer places to try to fit in. By the way, the “Big 3” in Italy are Rome, Venice, and Florence, and Rome is definitely one of the world’s top cities for sightseeing and culture. The Loire Valley near Paris is a wonderful area with great scenery and a variety of amazing palaces you can visit. You're listening to a sample of the Audible audio edition. In other words, it’s far better than NOT visiting, but not a good substitute for a land visit. Thank you so much for all the advice! Paris is similar to London in that it’s huge and fascinating, but after 4 nights it’s probably to go elsewhere to mix things up. -Roger. Tour de France je etapový závod profesionálních cyklistů, pořádaný od roku 1903 ve Francii a končící v Paříži, jeho trasa však může vést i dalšími zeměmi.Jezdí se každoročně v červenci, přerušení si vynutila pouze první a druhá světová válka. Day 5: Travel to Venice (or somewhere nearby on the mainland), arriving in the evening and stay the night (Night 5). If you do fly, buy your ticket as far in advance as possible for the best fares. 1.) The one challenge with apartment rentals like that is that most of them are a bit away from the tourist heart. Cancun, But again, the cities tend to be less crowded than normal, so you do have options. 9. Can you suggest an itinerary for us? So first off, I’d recommend basing yourself in Nice, probably at one of the hotels near the train station. On a 13-day trip, I’d recommend no more than 5 total cities, or maybe 6 including a small city like Venice that is close to other cities. I know many people are happy with those sort of packages and continue to do them. Materazzi then levelled the scores in the 19th minute, a header from six yards following an Andrea Pirlo corner from the right. Another option is Amsterdam, which is far more interesting than the other two, and also a reasonable train ride from Paris (a bit over 3 hours). Cinque Terre – 2 nights It is really helpful. They are very cheap if you book more than a month in advance, but if you want some flexibility that savings might not be worth it. Most of the smaller islands literally do close down for the cold months, with only a few locals remaining and no ferry service. I’ve spent most of my time on the main island and I highly recommend staying there if you can possibly afford it. I’m happy to hear that this site has been helpful. I am so impressed with the wealth of information on this page. Michelle, Hi Roger I’ve watched several travel shows and read a lot about Peloponnese and it seems to be the best region for history and sights outside of Athens, but again, I can’t say I’m an expert on it. With fewer than 400,000 residents, Florence feels more like a small town than the others, even though it's much larger than Venice. Newer travelers always assume that more is better and overly-seasoned travelers always preach that virtually any city anywhere deserves at least a week. I think you’ll be able to create a pretty good itinerary with that in mind, and I’ll be happy to offer comments if you are interested. Initially though we thought of skipping Milan and spending 4 nights in Paris. -Roger, I’m planning two week in Italy and the information you have shared has really helped and set me on the right corse. Days in each place are not sent in stone as we don’t want to feel pressured to be a certain place on a certain day. Milan has a Metro as well, but you can walk from the train station to the area around the cathedral, which is where the sights are all located. Sooo many places to see and so much to do, its all a bit overwhelming! Milan – 1night May 11-13 – Santorini. Florence and Rome are good for 3 days or so each, although Rome is WAY larger, though Florence has more interesting day trips nearby and it’s less expensive and less stressful than Rome. Generally speaking, if you are going city to city then trains are the best choice because parking is difficult and expensive anywhere near the cities. The food there is similar and it’s less crowded and touristy than Florence. Macau They were unable to capitalise, however, and the score remained at one goal each. One other thing to be aware of, unfortunately, is that most “small towns” on the Mediterranean were built as fishing villages and parking is still likely to be problematic. What would be the best suggestion? 5) I was amazed that no one mentioned Greve in Chianti given that i understand Chianti wines are famous? But it will be quite different from, say, visiting the small towns in the wine regions where free parking is easy to find. -Roger, I’m from Malaysia. – If we still decide to heard to Florence/Siena, what do you think of the idea of skipping Florence and doing just Siena (since you say Siena is basically a smaller version of Florence)? Another nice thing is that Sorrento gets far fewer visitors at any given time, so it’s more relaxing than Florence (and FAR more relaxing than Rome). Lucerne, There are four main things i am keen to explore/try in italy: Santorini only works if I can find good flights out of Venice, but now I see that the best flights are out of Rome. You could take trains to get there and then to Venice afterward, and I think you’d enjoy it. Either one of those would be great choices, and I can help you sort out the details when you’ve made a decision. You can take the public bus (leaves in front of the train station) to Positano in a bit over an hour, and walking around there for a couple hours will give you a good look at the Amalfi Coast, so that can also be half a day. Even if a train ride is only 2 or 3 hours (as is the case between the major Italian cities), you’ll still be spending another couple hours packing up and checking out of one hotel and then finding and checking into the hotel in your next city. I notice on your itinerary that you have a full day dedicated to leaving for each city. This looks very well researched and I haven’t been to every one of your planned stops, so I don’t have much else to stay. Yes, I believe that would be a good idea. Chanced upon your website and the information has been so informative and helpful. I was hoping that you would be kind enough to take a look at it and let me know what you think / suggest. All of the trains you’ll be taking are the comfortable Intercity trains that have adequate space even for a stroller, and should also have baby changing stations on at least every other carriage. p.s. Days 8 & 9: Lugano and surrounds. Do you have any suggestions on which site to use to book for train for France and Italy? Sofia It may be different if we try for a family room in a hotel though. As you can see in the article above, Milan is sort of an optional stop, and many people skip it. Sorry for the late response. And on the article above you’ll see Rothenburg ob der Tauber, which can be enjoyed in one day and is a major highlight for many tourists. From Paris to Rome, is there a direct overnight train or we must change in Nice and Venice/Milan? Also, when I was taking a preliminary look at accommodation around Cinque Terre I found a reasonably-price Airbnb outside of the main villages while there was nothing at all in our target price-range in the villages. Many, many thanks! But I’m not sure if there is some technical reason why you can’t and maybe they will ask you for your itinerary upon entry. The pizza there is amazing. 3. Amsterdam-London-Paris-Switzerland (Interlaken and Lucern)-Italy (Rome and Cince Terre)- Prague. Day 7: Depart early to travel to Lugano, Switzerland (hopefully via Monza circuit since I’m a Formula 1 fan – though time may not permit), arriving in the evening (Night 7). Reports of thefts from these places are amazingly rare, so as long as you follow the procedures and keep your phone and wallet on you at all times, you’ll be fine. So impressed that you reply to all these questions! Sarajevo We liked your itinerary and are planning to do something like ; Fly into Rome from Bangalore and fly out depending on whether we should do Spain or Nice area in France. If you did the shortest version it would leave you 3 to 4 nights left in your two weeks. But it might be cheaper to fly in and out of the same city and then book a cheap flight from your last stop back to the departure airport. You’ll probably want to fly from Barcelona to Rome and then take trains within Italy. It’s our first time in France but we’ve previously travelled to Italy, seeing Rome and Florence. Since you have 12 or 13 days, however, you don’t have too many options to get really creative, so I will provide a basic suggestion.

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